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 Glamour Uk mit Ashley, Jackson, Kellan und Nikki

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BeitragThema: Glamour Uk mit Ashley, Jackson, Kellan und Nikki   Fr Nov 06, 2009 9:10 pm

hier mal das interview lohnt sich zu lesen ist echt lustig

Which member of the cast would you like to be stuck on desert island with?
Nikki: Kristen Stewart
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Ashley

Which member of the cast would you like to get drunk with?
Nikki: I don’t drink
Kellan: Jackson
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Rob Pattinson – we used to go to a bar and do open mikes together

Who would you go for a shoulder to cry on?
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: My Eclipse co-star Bryce Dallas Howard
Jackson: Nikki

Who would you have a one night stand with?
Nikki: Elizabeth!
Kellan: Bella’s Mum (actress Sarah Clark)
Ashley: Can I say Jackson again? Although I don’t have one night stands!
Jackson: Elizabeth

Which is the gender cliché that you’re embarrassed to say you succumb to?
Nikki: I actually really enjoy putting on make-up, not because I think I look better, but I really like art and painting.
Kellan: Football, sport in general. Although I have a lot of female friends who are into football just as much as me, that’s why I love hanging out with the girls, they get so into it and that’s sexy to me.
Jackson: I can’t clean. I really can’t, I’m not very good at it, I’m actually a poor cleaner. My level of cleanliness is far below most, I wear the same pants every day, I get at least 2-3 wearings out of my socks. Not in a row – they sit in my dirty pile.
Ashley: My dog is spoilt, I buy him clothes. I love girl movies and girl wine. I definitely get very excited over clothes, like really excited.

What’s the gender cliché you go against?
Nikki: I like clothes if I’m handed them, I don’t like shopping. I get bored really easily, like having to go through things and looking through racks. I’d much rather eat than shop.
Kellan: I am the worst at packing. If I’m going to the beach, it’ll take me like an hour to pack my stuff like my towels, bathing suits and games.
Jackson: I’m not into sports. I used to play a lot of baseball as a kid but I’ve never followed it I was always much more into art.
Ashley: I’m a real college football girl and I like hockey games. They’re really brutal but I enjoy them. I was a tomboy when I was growing up, I climbed trees and stuff.

Which member of the cast would you get to cook dinner?
Nikki: Peter Facinelli
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Peter Facinelli – he always says he’s cooked too much and invites us round to eat it!
Jackson: Peter Facinelli

Who in the cast would you go to for relationship advice?
Kellan: Ashley Greene. We’re very close and it’s great to have someone especially as you work with them, just to talk to for advice.
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser. She has a good head on her shoulders
Ashley: I ask Kellan a lot about guys because he’s honest with me and she’s new but Bryce Dallas Howard is really nurturing and kind of motherly.
Jackson: Peter Facinelli. He’s got a wife, kids, beautiful home. That’s gorgeous. Someday hopefully, I’m taking tips from him.

Which member of the cast would you get to style you?
Nikki: Kellan
Kellan: Alex Meraz, who plays one of the werewolves, has good style.
Ashley: Rachelle Lefevre, although Kristen and I have the same taste in jeans
Jackson: Ashley

Which of the New Moon cast would you choose to help in fight?
Nikki: Jackson
Kellan: None. I wouldn’t need the help in a fight!
Ashley: Kellan
Jackson: Nikki
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Glamour Uk mit Ashley, Jackson, Kellan und Nikki
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